Cody Hoyt Octahedron Ceramic Vessel, Greens, Whites, Blues, Black


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Brooklyn-based printmaker and painter, Cody Hoyt, has recently shifted his focus to faceted, hand-marbled ceramics, merging the realms of graphic and ceramic design. Inspired by a range of multimedia references, from sculptures by Ken Price to The Memphis Group founded by Ettore Sottsass, Hoyt’s work blends detailed, geometric form with function. This hand-built ceramic vessel is crafted from organic clay and sculpted into an angular form with a glazed, highly geometric exterior. Mesmerised by the unpredictable nature of ceramic design, the vessel is molded and engineered by Hoyt’s own hands, making the piece entirely unique. Hand-built ceramic vessel Geometric design Angular form Made by Cody Hoyt A collaboration with Soho House Due to the delicate nature and high value of Cody Hoyt products, we will provide you with a bespoke quote for a dedicated delivery service. Please note, submitting a quote will not hold or guarantee the items in your basket. So, if you wish to purchase anything else, we recommend that you do so in a separate transaction.

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