Curved Back Velvet Bar Stool In Mink Grey


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About The Curved Back Bar Stool In Mink GreyThe perfect piece to complete your dining scheme with luxury and style, the Curved Back Bar Stool Chair in Mink Grey is a timeless addition to your breakfast bar or kitchen island.With a focus on soft curved lines and elements of organic design, the bold matt black frame is paired with subtle mink grey velvet and linear design details that create a statement.Celebrating the beauty of new neutrals, the Curved Back Bar Stool in Mink Velvet goes with almost every style imaginable, from modern Scandi schemes to vintage-inspired interiors.If you’re looking for a pop of colour to your kitchen, the Curved Back Velvet Bar Stool is also available in beautiful moss green.Why We Think You’ll Love The Curved Grey Velvet Bar StoolWith the matt black modern frame chosen to contrast the subtle mink velvet upholstery, the Curved Back Velvet Bar Stool proves that more muted palettes need not be boring.”Neutral tones have seen a shift of late, with a new appreciation for natural stone and sand tones that add warmth and effortless elegance. Upholstered in a soft and chic mink velvet, the Curved Back Velvet Bar Stool explores a peaceful colour palette that complements rustic natural textures and looks amazing with everything!” Lucy St GeorgeWhy We Think You’ll Love The Upholstered Velvet Bar StoolEmbracing laid-back luxury, the Mink Grey Velvet Stool has a grounding effect in the home and looks great against other soft neutrals, brightly coloured walls or dark and moody kitchens.Opt for a row of three at your breakfast bar or position at either side of your island for a luxurious, laid-back look that helps establish a social space in your home, whether you’re cooking, catching up with friends or just grabbing a cup of tea.

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