Forest Green Velvet Bar Stool With Black Legs


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The Story Behind The Forest Green Velvet Bar Stool With Black Legs Kitchen islands are the ultimate spot for entertaining and the Forest Green Velvet Bar Stool With Black Legs is the latest design from Rockett St George Co-founders Jane & Lucy that is set to wow. Taking inspiration from beautiful bar spaces at hotels they have visited across the globe, Jane & Lucy wanted to create a design with all the glamour of a hotel bar, that also suits the demands of everyday life. Bold, beautiful and effortlessly chic, the forest green breakfast bar stool is designed as the perfect spot for deep and meaningful chats over a glass of wine. Why We Think You Will Love The Green Velvet Kitchen Bar StoolIntroducing an instant feeling of luxury, velvet bar stools are a failsafe and fabulous choice for the home and the forest green breakfast bar stool is fast becoming a favourite at RSG HQ. Influenced by our bestselling curved back bar stools, the design has been updated with beautiful design details that look incredible from every angle. Pairing style with practicality, including a handy thin bar for resting your feet, this bar stool is set to become a centrepiece of the home when entertaining and spending time with your favourite people. Jane & Lucy’s Top Tips For Styling The Forest Green Breakfast Bar Stool In Your Home”Green is a colour that we come back to time and time again as it really does look great with everything! Often considered one of the most versatile colours to style with at the home due to its connection to nature, there are no rules so play around with Forest Green Velvet Bar Stool in a way that is true to your own unique sense of style. We love the combination of the forest green velvet with accents of bold monochrome but this beautiful kitchen bar stool also looks gorgeous against pink and warm clay neutrals. Display yours in the kitchen for a pop of natural colour or why not create your very own home bar or cocktail corner with a set of the Forest Green Velvet Bar Stool With Black Legs on display to bring style to happy hour at home?!” Lucy St George

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