Gallery Interiors Milano Oak Scandi Side Table


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Olivia’s will donate £5 from the sale of this product to breast cancer awareness charity Coppa Feel! (registered charity number 1132366 (England and Wales) and SC045970 (Scotland). A good side table is an essential part of creating both an aesthetic and a comfortable living space. The Gallery Interiors Milano Oak Scandi Side Table serves both roles with its strong, clean lines and powerful oaken support. A Scandinavian design is ideal to reflect shining modernity. Legs that slant outwards add to the security of its stance, ensuring it will sit safely next to your sofa or armchair. Add a lamp, some ornaments or your favourite book. Then when you’re relaxing in the evening you will have everything you need to hand. Dimensions: W: 50 cm x D: 45 cm x H: 60 cm. Dimensions: W: 50 x D: 45 x H: 60 cm

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