Twenty10 Designs Peony Wenge 4-6 & 6-8 Seater Dining Table / Large


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This gorgeous black dining table has been created from wood and veneer to create a modern stylish piece that will look fantastic in your dining room. This table is neutral enough to fit in with any existing colour scheme. Add the dining chairs of your choice to create a mutually blended black ensemble or contrast with bright or patterned chairs to create a stunning focal point in your living room. This is the perfect table to entertain your guests or enjoy a cosy meal with your family and loved ones. The dimensions are H: 75 x W: 180 x D: 90 cm for the 4-6 seater and H: 75 x W: 140 x D: 80 cm for the 6-8 seater Dimensions: H: 75 x W: 180 x D: 90 cm H: 75 x W: 140 x D: 80 cm

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